The idea of watching a company video shouldn’t fill your employees with dread! 😱 And it doesn’t have to. Making a fun video will help engage your audience and even improve their learning. 🎉


What Is A Doodle Video?

Thankfully, there is a fantastic alternative to monotonous talking head videos – doodle videos. ✏️ Doodle whiteboard videos are far more interesting and engaging options that excite and hold attention to ensure you get your message across.

Doodle videos are whiteboard animation videos which show compelling illustrations being drawn. They use fun illustrations to capture what is being said in the voiceover to keep people interested and hit the point home. With a range of art styles and colour options, there’s something for all types of business videos. 

The Science Of Doodle Videos

Whiteboard Videos For Education

Neurologist Judy Willis did fantastic research into how fun can expand our minds and help people learn. 🧠✨

She found that the “highest-level executive thinking, making of connections, and “aha” moments are more likely to occur in an atmosphere of “exuberant discovery,” where students of all ages retain that kindergarten enthusiasm of embracing each day with the joy of learning.”

And what better way to capture the sense of enthusiastic learning than a visually engaging whiteboard video? 📽️

Videos That Make You Laugh

Science shows that laughing releases endorphins, adrenaline, and dopamine and even increases the flow of oxygen. The oxygen and adrenaline help to keep your audience alert, while the endorphins and dopamine help the audience make a connection to what is being said and create a ‘happy memory’ which will be easier for them to remember later on. 😂😂😂

When was the last time a dull talking head video made you laugh? We’re not saying it’s impossible. But it’s certainly an uphill climb. You’ll need some seriously high charisma to outshine a whiteboard animation video’s professional illustrations and voiceover. With more creativity and avenues for expression, we pick doodle videos every time when it comes to making people laugh. 😂✏️

A Picture Says A Thousand Words

Is it cliche? Maybe. Is it true? Absolutely! A picture says a thousand words. And they say a few more when they’re bespoke illustrations tailored to your message. Let’s face it you need to say as much as you can before people tune out. 📸✒️

The average attention span is just 8 seconds. ⏱️ How else will you capture attention in such little time, if not beautiful imagery? You could talk really fast. That’ll probably grab some attention. But the message would definitely be lost. So let’s stick with whiteboard illustrations. 🎨🖼️

Still not convinced images are the way to go? We doubt it, but here’s yet another reason anyway. Many people are visual learners. 65% of us, in fact. (Don’t worry. We have auditory learners covered, too, with professional voiceovers.) 🎧

A woman enjoying her Doodle Video

How Can Your Business Benefit From Video?

So, now we’re all clear on why whiteboard animation videos are so much better than alternatives – what can you use them for? The short answer is pretty much anything you want. The uses for business whiteboard animation videos are nearly endless. However, the big overarching categories are marketing videos and training videos. 📊📚

 How Can Video Marketing Help Your Business?

All the benefits of whiteboard animations are rarely better utilised than in marketing. Businesses need sales. And few things drive sales like marketing. From explaining your products to positioning yourself as the industry go-to, marketing is the backbone of business success. So why wouldn’t you take every opportunity to enhance your marketing efforts? Make sure your ads hook viewers. Bring your website to life. And dominate social media feeds. It’s all possible with whiteboard animation marketing videos


Why Should Businesses Use Whiteboard Training Videos?

Of course sales (and therefore marketing) are critical to your business. But theres another essential pillar of any business that can also benefit from animated explainer videos – your team! Upskilling your team is crucial to driving them and your business forward. But it can be a tedious chore. Long days in meeting rooms watching drawn-out slideshow presentations is no one’s idea of fun. So do away with the standard boring training and engage your employees with whiteboard animation training videos. 🎓🖍️


Get Whiteboard Animations With Doodle Videos

We believe that the videos we create here at Doodle Video are more captivating and enjoyable for your audiences.

We know that some organisations require a straight face and a lot of focus, but we want to help your employees laugh while learning. Whether you supply the script or we write one for you, our images will put a smile on your employees faces while getting your message across.    

There’s no better way to learn!

And the principles are the exact same for marketing materials too. More engaging videos that let potential customers know what makes you so great. Plus, it’s video, so you’ll get that much-needed bump in the algorithm on the biggest marketing channels.  📈📹

Got questions? Speak to an expert. Enquire about whiteboard videos for business!📞


Learn More About Whiteboard Animation Videos

At Doodle Videos, we’re whiteboard animation experts. We have mastered every aspect of the process, from scriptwriting to illustrations and voiceovers. And we share all our best information, advice, and more. Check out our blog for more great insights on what whiteboard animations can do for your business. Here are a few top picks to get you started: