We live in a society where videos are everywhere. They are taking over the internet! Even on social media all you see is videos!  Of course there have always been video sharing platforms – you can’t deny or ignore the success of YouTube and Vimeo. Now all I see on my Facebook or Twitter are short viral videos and Snapchat and Instagram are becoming less and less about images alone. So why do people like videos more than reading?


There’s a pretty simple answer to this … people just can’t be bothered to read massive paragraphs anymore.  We live in a world of convenience – convenience stores with everything you need in one place, TV on demand, Uber, Amazon, Deliveroo and so much more.  I mean, just look at Google! All the answers you’ll ever need in one place coming at you at lightning speed.  Let’s be honest, it’s heaven.


My point is, that if you can give your viewers all the information quickly and in a way that doesn’t require too much effort on their part … Boom!  Suddenly everyone will know what that long paragraph had to say and it was all because of your video. Even better if you can make that video fun and entertaining instead of just informative.  Personally, I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say ‘damn! Check out this three-page essay! It was so much fun!’, but I’ve had hundreds of videos sent my way that I “just have to watch”

I realise the irony of me telling you that no one likes reading, when I’m explaining that with four paragraphs of text…Maybe I should have made a short video, and then you might actually listen to me.  Ah well, next time…