Who are Doodle Video?

Doodle Video is a bespoke whiteboard animation company.  Whilst our videos are primarily used as explainer videos or in E-learning projects, we have a wealth of experience in dozens of industries, from Banking to Pharma, Training to Healthcare and everything in between.   

Doodle Video was launched in 2013 by Jenny Howard.  With a background in marketing, design and production management, Doodle Video seemed like the perfect fit.

Doodle Video specialises in whiteboard animation, where a story or message is told with the use of illustrations that are drawn onto a whiteboard. Originally produced with an artist recording themselves as they drew their artwork, now, with the help of technology it’s all handled electronically.

The science behind the effect of whiteboard animations on the viewer is fascinating.  Studies all have proven that it’s a truly effective way to communicate with your viewer, connecting with multiple parts of the brain to engage the watcher.  The effect of drawing live helps the information go to their long term memory.   The viewer subconsciously tries to guess what is about to be drawn and if guessed correctly they get a shot of dopamine, so the viewer leaves feeling happy. And a happy audience is an audience that is willing to share that experience.

So there you have it. A short introduction for to our amazing company. We are continuously making new videos with a range of clients.

 If you feel our videos can benefit you. Feel free to get in touch!



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