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Who are Doodle Video?

Doodle Video is a bespoke whiteboard animation company, producing highly engaging scribe videos which are used as explainer videos, in E-learning projects, sales presentations, internal communications, training materials, end of year conferences … the list goes on!  The use of hand-drawn graphics accompanied by a voice-over means that even really complicated products or processes can be explained easily.  We’ve worked in dozens of industries, from Banking to Pharma, Training to Healthcare and everything in between.


Doodle Video specialises in whiteboard animation, where a story or message is told with the use of illustrations that are drawn onto a whiteboard. Originally they were produced with an artist recording themselves as they drew their artwork, now, with the use of technology, it’s all handled electronically.

 The science behind the effect of whiteboard animations on the viewer is fascinating.  Studies have all proven that it’s a truly effective way to communicate with your viewer, connecting with multiple parts of the brain to engage the watcher.  The effect of drawing live helps the information go to their long term memory.   The viewer subconsciously tries to guess what is about to be drawn and if guessed correctly they get a shot of dopamine, so the viewer leaves feeling happy. And a happy audience is an audience that is willing to share that experience. Want to learn more of the science behind our videos?  Why not check out our blog post for some more interesting facts!



What do we do?

We provide a full service, from start to finish holding your hand, to create the perfect video to your requirement.  We’ll take your brief and have one of our talented script writers produce the perfect script to tell your story.  When the script is complete, our illustrators create a storyboard of images, packed with humor and metaphor to ensure the viewers are kept entertained.  When the images are finalised, we record the voice-over and produce the animation!


So what makes us different to many of the other whiteboard animation companies out there?

1 – CUSTOMER SERVICE – Good customer service is paramount and our professional team always go the extra mile to make sure we deliver the perfect doodle video, on time, every time. In our almost 10 years of producing Doodle Videos, we have NEVER had an unhappy customer … really, not even one!

2 – QUALITY – All our illustrators are professionals and have been in the industry for decades – with so much real world experience, they can take the most obscure subject and create amazing, engaging images.

3 – PRICE – You want to get the best “bang for your buck” and that’s were we shine.  Our totally transparent pricing structure means you’ll know from the start what the cost will be, and that cost will be significantly less than a similar service elsewhere. 

So there you have it. A short introduction for to our amazing company. We are continuously making new videos with a range of clients. Why not check out what some of our recent clients have said on our testimonials page.

If you feel our videos can benefit you. Feel free to get in touch!

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©Copyright Doodle Video Limited 2019-2020

©Copyright Doodle Video Limited 2019-2020