Whiteboard Video Scriptwriting

With all our whiteboard animation videos, the images follow the script. It’s the first part of the process and the essential building block of what will become your whiteboard video. The script is the story you want your video to tell, and like every good story, it needs to be carefully crafted.

And then there’s a matter of tone. You need to stay on brand, appeal to your audience, and sell (if that’s your goal) all at the same time. It’s a delicate balance. If you have this down to a fine art, you can just send over a final script. If not, no problem because we do. After creating whiteboard videos for everyone from small independent businesses to large multinational blue chip companies, we know what goes into a winning video script.

What Makes A Compelling Video Script?

Through years of experience, our scriptwriters have developed a keen sense of what makes a winning script. They combine the tried and true with some creative flare to produce a script that works whilst sounding authentically and uniquely you.

The answers to questions like these will form the foundation of your script. But we don’t just throw the answers at your audience in any old order. Every Doodle Video tells a story. A script will take the viewer on a journey from the problem right through to how you solve it. And, of course, it pulls it all together with a strong call to action to get the sale or sign-up!


    With every script, we’re sure to dig deep and get to the core of essential questions like…

        • Who is your market, and what is their situation right now?
        • What is their problem?
        • How do you want them to feel after they watch your video?
        • What’s the message you want to get across?
        • What do you want them to do next?

    Scriptwriting Is Collaborative

    Just like whiteboard animation, scriptwriting is our thing. Our talented copywriters can tell an engaging story in words as well as our artists can through drawing. (And when you put the two together… well… that’s just magic. Especially once you throw a splash of professional voiceover work on top!)

    But all the scriptwriting talent in the world isn’t enough to tell YOUR story. At least not on its own. To do it right, unsurprisingly, needs input from the people that know your business best – YOU!

    You understand your business and customers. We understand whiteboard video animation. Scriptwriting is the all important bit in the middle that brings the two together.

    Scriptwriting is collaborative. We work with you to ensure the script sounds like you whilst being engaging and meeting the aims of the video. Together with you, we can identify your goals, tone of voice and much more. Then we bring it all together in an engaging script that will inform the rest of the video process. We work with you throughout the process and don’t move to the storyboarding stage until we have approval on a final script.


    Can we write our own script?

    Absolutely. You can send us a pre-written script if you wish to. We’re happy to accept your finished script and move along to the storyboarding stage.


    Can I make revisions?

    Depending on the package you go with, there are various opportunities for feedback and revisions. It’s a collaborative process. We won’t move on to storyboarding the video until the script is signed off. Getting the script right is crucial. We ensure you’re happy with it before moving forward with any whiteboard video illustration work.

    Get A Quote!

    Are you ready to take your potential customers on a journey? We’re here to help you create a script that does that. A whiteboard video will bring your ideas to life and show potential customers how you can solve their problems. And it all starts with the perfect script. Get a quote today!