Whiteboard Marketing Videos

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Whether you’re aiming to generate leads, increase conversions, or boost brand awareness, your message needs to be clear and concise. And there’s no better way to achieve this than with a beautifully written script and wonderfully original visuals. A cartoon video marketing video is the ideal way to have your message seen and heard. 

Swap stale corporate videos for engaging whiteboard animations. 

Replace boring talking heads with fun and vibrant drawings.

Switch out the dull, jargon-stuffed monologues for our wonderfully crafted scripts. 

And add a splash of enthusiasm with the melodic tones of our professional voiceover artists. 

Uses For Whiteboard Videos

The uses for whiteboard marketing videos are near endless. They’re versatile sales and marketing material. Take your social media ads up a notch. Add a pop of fun to a website. Or make your marketing emails a welcome treat in the inbox. The choice is yours.

At its core, the job of a whiteboard video is to take the viewer on a journey. And every journey needs a destination. Whether your goal is for the viewer to click the “buy now” button, call you, or leave more informed than when they started, a Doodle whiteboard video can get them there.

The Benefits Of Video

If any industry understands the power of video, it’s marketing. Video is the new medium of choice. The busy online world is undoubtedly video-first. From overtly video-centric platforms like TikTok, and Youtube, to a video-focused pivot from Facebook, Instagram and more – if you want attention, video is the way to go.

Video is simply a better and more diverse medium than the alternatives. It has all the power of well-written content – we still use an expertly written script, after all. Plus, a professional voiceover will ensure each line is delivered just right. And static images draw the eye, but animations hold attention.

    Our Whiteboard Sales Video Process

    The Doodle team are an innovative bunch. And they’ve perfected the whiteboard video process. From video sales scriptwriting to voiceover and backing music, we’ve got it down to a fine art. In fact, we’ve streamlined the process to five steps; Scriptwriting, Voice Over, Illustrations, Video Production, and Distribution.


    The first step is to write your script. This will inform the rest of the video, so it’s vital we get it right. Thankfully, our masterful copywriters know exactly what it takes to produce a winning script. (Or, if you prefer, you can supply your own script.)


    Next up, finding the right voice to deliver your message. We have a pool of talented voiceover artists to choose from. Found the perfect voice for your video? We’ll professionally record the script – high-quality, clear audio is essential!


    We wrote your story. We’ve spoken your story. Now it’s time to draw your story. Our illustrious illustrators will bring your script to life with unique and engaging visuals. We offer a selection of art styles, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your marketing video.


    We’ll bring everything together in production. We will combine all the fun elements we’ve made and add some polish and sparkle. You can also add some brilliant extras, such as background music and captions.


    Finally, it’s time to hit publish. We’ll upload your whiteboard sales video and make it available for download. Now it’s free to use however you need.

    Upgrade Your Marketing With A Whiteboard Video

    Are you ready to enhance your marketing with video? We have a talented team of copywriters, voiceover artists, and illustrators waiting to tell your story. Let’s take your audience on a journey together, share your message and generate more sales. Speak with our team to learn more.


    How long does whiteboard sales video production take?

    Our standard video production schedule is just 15 days, from finalising the script, for a 2-minute video. Professional voiceover, original illustration, production, and so much more all in just over two weeks – that’s impressive, even if we do say so ourselves.


    Can I request edits once my video is finished?

    Absolutely. Not all edits are free but there’s plenty we can do at no additional cost. Plus, we provide opportunities for changes throughout the process and don’t move to the next stage until you’re completely satisfied. So by the end of production, we’re sure you’ll love the video. But then something could change, the script will need amending, or some images may need updating. And we’re more than happy to update your sales video if they do.


    What’s included in a whiteboard video?

    At Doodle, we have an experienced team of voiceover artists, scriptwriters, illustrators and more. Meaning we have everyone we need to take care of the entire process, from producing the script to final production. If you want to write your own script, we’ll happily take it from there, working with your script to produce the illustrations.


    Head over to our FAQs page to learn more about our services.

    Need More Info?

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us! You can also connect with us on our social media sites. We look forward to hearing from you.

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