Did you know we’re not the only whiteboard video company in town? That’s right, a few others have caught on to the incredible power of whiteboard animations. But some of them don’t do things quite like we do. Whilst we opt for a bespoke solution, others offer a DIY software option. 

And even though we know Doodle Video is the way to go, we can see why the promise of a DIY solution might pique your interest. So we decided to put ourselves head to head with the software and see who came out on top. Can the DIY approach beat a bespoke service? Let’s find out. 


Which Has The Best Illustrations?

The illustrations are among the biggest selling points of any whiteboard animation video, so it feels like a great place to start our comparison. For illustrations, there’s a clear winner – bespoke service. You have to choose a bespoke whiteboard animation service for illustrations that reflect what you’re saying. 

Finding the right images in the right style whilst keeping the style consistent throughout the video is too much to ask of any software. Pre-made designs are too limited. Even the most extensive image libraries can’t match the flexibility and precision of bespoke illustrations. Our use of humour and metaphor really help drive a point home and make it stick in the viewers’ minds. But it’s too specific and nuanced to be replicated by premade image libraries. 


Don’t settle for “close enough” images in a mixed bag of styles. Communicate exactly what you want to say with professional illustrations tailored to your message. 


Creating A Consistent Tone

The jarring switch between illustration styles is not the only place a software-generated video may not line up. When you choose a bespoke option, the scriptwriting, voiceover, illustration and production are all developed together as part of one integrated process. This enables a consistent tone. Scriptwriters understand how the script will be delivered. Illustrators can match the mood of the voiceover, and so on. Each individual element is created by industry experts and is excellent in its own right but the final product is certainly greater than the sum of its parts. Unfortunately, trying to replicate this fluidity with software often doesn’t work. The process can be disjointed, and there’s no guiding vision of the project as each element is made in isolation. 


Which Takes More Time?

Creating a whiteboard explainer video takes time. But whose time? With a software, you can easily lose hours or days to making your video. And every hour spent on your video is time not spent elsewhere. Whatever you do, your time is most valuable when it’s spent on what you’re best at. 


And you’ll also have to account for a whole bunch of stuff before you even dive into making your video. You need to get to grips with the software. You’ll have to develop a video creation process. Plus, there are vital elements a software won’t take care of, such as scriptwriting and voiceovers. And throw in a few more hours for trial and error. Our process is only so fine-tuned because of years of refining and perfecting it – don’t anticipate everything will run smoothly when DIYing it for the first time. 


If it sounds like we’re setting you up to tell you how much better a bespoke whiteboard video service is – it’s because we are. Why spend your valuable billable hours on everything listed above? Instead, our team of professionals can run your project through a streamlined and proven process. We take care of everything from scriptwriting (though you can provide your own script if you prefer) to production and publishing. And our turnaround times are fantastic. Once you give the storyboard and script the thumbs up, it’s just 15 working days until your video is ready. 


Which Is The Best Value For Money?

At first glance, the DIY software looks like a winner when it comes to price. For the most part, you will pay less for software, but you’ll also get a lot less. 


Bespoke vs software is not a like-for-like comparison. And it’s not simply a question of quality either. A bespoke animated video includes far more than you will get with most software. With software, you will also have to consider that voiceovers, scriptwriting and more are not included and you’ll have to get these elsewhere at additional cost. 


Plus, the cost is far more than just the price tag. You also have to account for the value of your time. What are you giving up to work on your video? Valuable, revenue-generating sales calls? Important meetings that will drive the business forward? Billable hours that are worth more than you’re saving? When you take on a DIY project, the true cost is often in the opportunities you give up to make the time. 


Bespoke Vs Software: The Verdict

Ok, so there’s a clear winner. At Doodle Video, we don’t think bespoke is better because it’s what we offer. We offer bespoke animated videos because we know they’re better. 


Get Bespoke Whiteboard Videos

If you want to avoid trial and error, create amazing bespoke videos, and free up time to work on your business – choose bespoke whiteboard animations. Get in touch with our expert team to discuss what we can do for you!


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