It’s a simple enough question; what’s more memorable? image or text? And it’s incredible how many studies have been done to find the answer, going as far back as 1894!

Studies haven’t tended to focus on the difference between the two, however when the phrase ‘Picture Superiority Effect’ gets thrown around it’s hard to think that it’s not winning.

In a study published in 2006 by Georg Stenberg, they did pit the two against each other in a “war of memory” and found that images interact with more parts of the brain, making them a lot more memorable even weeks later.

"picture superiority in both conceptual and perceptual memory, but conceptual processing makes a stronger contribution to the advantage of pictures over words in recognition."
When you factor in the fact that 65% of people are visual learners (meaning we learn best with the use of visual images, videos and so on), Images are truly knocking Text out in the first round!

Doodle boxing ring - image vs text

Here at Doodle Video, we believe that the script is really important, but for maximum recall, teaming it with fabulous images is what makes it memorable …. Giving your employees no excuse for not remembering what you taught them in your explainer video!