Video scribing is a way of telling a story through animated illustrations. It is essentially a technique for recording the live drawing process. 📽️✏️


What Does It Involve?

Not only does video scribing involve drawings, but it also uses sound and videography to help keep viewers engaged. It is one of the most effective marketing techniques and is a great way to convey important information or training. It combines illustration techniques from an artist, along with stop motion photography, audio engineering, video editing, and animation procedures. When done properly, the finished product will be an attention-grabbing and informative video.🎨🎬


Benefits of Video Scribing

Video scribing has many advantages, with its appealing way of providing information creatively, and is used regularly in the marketing industry, as well as e-Learning, training videos, and explainer videos.

  • Great for companies who are looking for simple training videos
  • Animations can be easily distributed through email & social media
  • Colleagues, employees, and businesses can view these videos from anywhere

It has been proven, on average, that viewers have a 15% increase in recalling information from watching a whiteboard animation video. 🧠✨

As our world is becoming more digital, video scribing is a fantastic way to get your message across anywhere. As stated previously, it can be used on social media pages, websites, blogs, etc. Images can be very powerful and more effective than words themselves. 🌐


How Can Scribe Videos Benefit Your Business?

Scribe videos have been proven to keep viewers engaged for longer. With simple images and line drawings, the viewer’s attention is kept on the screen for much longer than if they were to read a document or watch a slide show. 📊


Keep Your Videos Concise

When considering a scribe video, it’s best to keep animations short. Shorter videos keep viewers engaged, with less time for them to become ‘bored’. The average attention span of an adult is a mere 8.25 seconds, so short snappy methods of delivering information are more likely to be favoured over longer videos. Video scribing is ideal for this. 🕒

A video scribe has become increasingly popular over the last year due to Covid 19. With many of us working from home, these easily accessible animations have been a great tool to use for online training. 🏠



Take a look at this example of video scribing:

  The Adaptability of Video Scribing

There are many benefits to video scribing, the most significant being adaptability. They have proven even more beneficial since the Covid-19 pandemic. As many businesses had to enforce a work from home policy, employees were working remotely without face to face contact. Working in this manner makes conveying messages more complicated. Information can be easily misunderstood compared to if it was given in person. 😷

This is where scribe videos come in. Not only do they help you convey information clearly and effectively, but they can be used to share this information with anyone, no matter where they are. They are one of the most effective ways to combat communication challenges. 🌍


Why Choose Whiteboard Animation?

Whiteboard animation is one of the most popular formats to use for video scribing. This technique can be done by using stop motion with programmes such as Dragonfame. DragonFrame can be more time consuming, so there are other programmes, such as VideoScribe, which is more simple. 🖥️

Who are VideoScribe?

VideoScribe was first launched in 2012 by a UK company, Sparkol. It is now being used in over one hundred countries worldwide! They have been offering a range of animation software tools so people can make their own whiteboard animation videos with ease. 🌎

Benefits of Whiteboard Animation for training

There are many ways that training can be delivered, but few are better than whiteboard explainer videos. These animations are perfect for a range of industries as they can be adapted to a range of topics. Some of their key features are:

  • Easy to understand & follow
  • Build a visual memory of key points
  • Signal key information to be remembered
  • Reduce cognitive load
  • Increase engagement and memory recall


Why Use a Professional Animation Company?

You can also create your bespoke whiteboard scribe videos with the help of an animation company. This will enable you to choose from a range of styles by in-house artists to design and bring together the perfect video to accompany your script. The production process is simple and straightforward and the end product is one you can use time and again to engage and educate your audience. 🎨


Develop a Unique Whiteboard Animation With Doodle Video!

Video scribing is one of the best ways to create whiteboard style animation videos. These eye-catching videos will leave a lasting impression with your audience. Doodle videos are suitable for a range of industries, including e-learning, healthcare & medical, and sales & marketing. You can choose from our various animation designs, voiceover artists and backing music to make your video exactly how you want. 🎥✨

There’s no better way to improve employee training than with whiteboard animation. Contact us for a quote today and start building your very own Doodle Video with us. 🖌️📞