Video scribing or scribing videos, is a way of telling a story through drawings and illustration, in an animation, essentially a technique for recording the live drawing process .

Not only does video scribing work with drawings, but with sound and videography, keeping viewers engaged. It is one of the most effective marketing techniques used. It combines illustration techniques from an artist, along with stop motion photography, audio engineering, video editing and animation procedures.

Scribe videos have been proven to keep viewers engaged for longer. With simple images and line drawings, the viewers attention is kept on screen much longer than if they were to read a document or watch a slide show.

However, when considering a scribe video, it’s best to keep animations short. Shorter videos keep viewers enagaged, with less time for them to become ‘bored’.

A video scribe has become increasingly popular over the last year due to Covid 19. With many of us working from home, these easily accessible animations have been a great tool to use for online training.

Check out an example of a video scribe below:


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Video scribing has many advantages, with its appealing way to give information creatively and is used regularly in the marketing industry, as well as E-Learning, training videos and as explainer videos.

These are great for companies who are looking for simple training videos. These animations can be easily distributed, through email, social media and so on. Colleagues, employees, and businesses can view these videos from home and across the globe.

It has been proven on average, that viewers have a 15% increase on recalling information from watching a whiteboard animation video.

As our world is becoming more digital, videoscribing is a fantastic way to get your message across anywhere. As stated previously, it can be used on social media pages, websites, blogs etc. Images can be very powerful and more effective than words themselves.

Take a look at an example of a whiteboard animation below to help you understand how video scribing works!