Video scribing is a way of telling a story through drawings in an animation, essentially a technique for recording the live drawing process .


Not only does video scribing work with drawings, but with sound and videography, keeping vieweres engaged. It is one of the most effective marketing tecniques used. It combines illustration tecniques from an artist along with stop motion photography, audiio engineering, video editing and animation procedures.

Check out an example of a video scribe below:


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Video scribing has many advantages, with its appealing way to givie information creatively and is used regulary in the marketing industry, as well as E-Learning,  training videos and as explainer videos.

As our world is becoming more digital, videoscribing is a fantastic way to get your message across anywhere. It can be on social media pages, websites, blogs etc. Images can be very powerfuls and more effective than words themselves.

Take a look at an exmaple of a whiteboard animation below to help you understand how video scribing works!