The Doodle Video Production Process

Producing a Doodle Video is a really straighforward process. We’ve broken it down into 5 easy steps, so you can see how we go about creating our amazing videos.

I bet you thought it would be a nightmare…

Stage 1 – the script

You can supply your own script, or we’ll work with you to create the perfect script to deliver your message.  You’ll need to think about what you want your video to tell people about – are you selling a product or service? or maybe just trying to explain a concept? Once you’re 100% happy with the script, we move on to stage 2.

video production
voice over

Stage 2 – The Voice Over

It’s really important that we choose the right voice to convey your message. You’ll need to think about whether a male or female voice will be the best fit; maybe a regional accent? Perhaps a young voice? We have a range of artists and we’ll help you decide what would be best for your project before we go ahead and get your script professionally recorded.

Stage 3 – Illustrations

Now the fun really begins. We’ll take your script to our talented illustrators and get them to create the images that will engage your audience and tell your story. This is where the script really comes alive with the characters and scenes your viewers will be watching.

video production

Stage 4 – Video Production

With all the components now ready, our production team get to work to create your video! We’ll take the voice-over and illustrations and bring it all alive with the magic of video animation. This is also where you can add any extras such as additional animation, open or closed captioning and royalty free backing music.

Stage 5 – Distribution

Production finished, it’s time to publish. We’ll upload your completed HD video file in whatever format you choose to Dropbox or Vimeo. You can then download it to use wherever you need. Alternatively, we can publish to YouTube – either on our channel or your own. You can then use the link to the video on your web site or wherever else you choose.

how to make a whiteboard animation

If you’ve got any questions, drop us an email today or connect with us on our social media sites! We look forward to hearing from you.