Microlearning is perfect for the work place. No company has hours of time to spare updating their employees on the newest information. They need a way to give them the information quickly and in an interesting manner, ready for them to get back on the floor or at their desks.
The length of mircolearning tends to be between 3-5 minutes (but it can be even shorter!).  This works well for your company to save time, but also your employees can’t concentrate on something for too long. We found, when doing some research, that people like their information short and sweet. For example, the perfect video length is 2 minutes. Anything longer and your audience start to lose focus and click off the video.
This quote shows that you should be able to explain the important information quickly and easily. Even Steve jobs would talk at a 5th grade level when presenting. So it shouldn’t have to take a 50 minute video with extremely complex words to explain something.
This is why a Doodle Video is perfect for your Micro learning! With the use of simple and fun cartoons, we capture your audiences’ attention and get your message across quickly! It’s the perfect micro learning experience for you and your employees.