Training And Explainer Whiteboard Animations

Training And Explainer Whiteboard Animations

Doodle Animations and Explainer Videos

Need to make your presentations more fun? Or get engaged learners without spending a fortune? Maybe create a sales explainer video? Perhaps you’d like to learn more about video scribing? However you need to educate your viewer, Doodle Video’s animations are a fantastic choice.

Whiteboard Animations

First of all, we’d like to say thank you for checking out our website! We’ve worked with hundreds of companies across dozens of industries and we’d like to continue working with these amazing businesses throughout these more uncertain times.

Online training has become very popular in recent years, even more so with Covid-19. We understand that important information can at times be dull to take in and time consuming, with creating powerpoints ect. But whiteboard animation explainer videos have been proven to increase recalling information up to 15%, which is where we come in!

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Using Doodle Animations for Marketing

These doodle animations are great to use for marketing. They can be used across all social media platfoms, a perfect way to make your brand or business stand out.

Gaining new customers is important for any business and if there is a way to making it easier, then that’s a bonus!

We know that training in a workplace is very important, so why not use a way to keep viewers engaged and make it more fun for them to take in information. You provide the idea and we do all the hard work. We’ll keep you updated throughout the process and will get your animation to you within 15 working days, or faster if needed.

With more of us working from home, these videos can be distributed easily, through email, social media and so on. Feel free to check out some of our videos we have created for clients below.

Bespoke Animations

While there’s plenty of whiteboard animation companies out there, we provide completely bespoke, custom made animations.

All our animations are drawn from our highly skilled illustrators. We take the time to create drawings that reflect your script and always adapt to our clients needs. Check out our projects we have created recently for our clients.

Here at Doodle Video, we have provided whiteboard animation services for the past 9 years. Our clients come back to us time after time, however we are keen to make new clients, such as yourself! We can take anything information and bring it to life. All our work is totally bespoke, from our illustrators to voice artists and production team.


Want to see what we can do for you? We’re just a click away, or call us on 01353 72 30 31!

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