I am going to start this post by saying that 8% of men and 5% of women are colour blind. So, if these guys are your target audience, there is no point in using colour in your video. However, that leaves a very large number of people who see and enjoy colour daily.

A recent study showed that people were a lot more likely to remember images that were in colour. In the study, they give their subjects 48 images (some colour, some black and white) to look at. Then added another 48 pictures and saw how many of the original group they could remember. They found that the colour images were much easier for the subjects to recall.

Another study by Color Matters showed that colour helped improved learning from 55% to 78%. Pushing the comprehension up to 73%.

Colour can also help to increase brand recognition. To have the colours of your brand themed throughout your website, social media and videos will help to support your brand and make it memorable!

So whether it’s for a company advertisement, an e-learning video or a corporate presentation, colour will help your target audience understand and remember what they just watched.


Our Top Tips

  • Use natural colours for natural things, people like what they know
  • Harmony colours will always work best – remember the colour wheels?
  • Six or more colours in an image is more likely to be remembered than an image with less