A Doodle Video is an individual video, created by professional scriptwriters, illustrators and video editors.


Doodle Video Limited agrees to create a custom cartoon video for the client upon placement of an order which is accompanied by a 50% deposit.  Payment for the completed video is due on delivery unless otherwise agreed.


Doodle Video Limited aim to deliver your video within 3 weeks of signed off script, however this is subject to the production schedule at the time of booking.


We will produce a Doodle Video from a final script supplied by you. One minute of video is 150 words. Should the length of the final video be shorter than the originally supplied script, the final price will be based on the original script length.  We will take your script and create a storyboard of rough pencil images which you are able to view and comment on.   The storyboard will contain a maximum of 5 scenes per minute of video.  Each scene should contain a maximum of 6 items (characters, buildings or objects).  You may request alterations to rough images where we have created them for you, however where we have followed your direction for images, unless we have strayed significantly from your brief, no alterations are allowed free of charge.  We will proceed to final images based on your feedback.  No further changes to images are permitted free of charge.  You may choose a voice artist from our list of standard artists to record the voice over of the final approved script.  We will use our own discretion regarding intonation unless you provide specific direction.  No changes to voice over are permitted unless there are errors on our part. We will apply backing music from our library of royalty free music if required. Minor adjustments may be made to the draft video e.g timings or on-screen text. Minor adjustments do not include any changes to voice over or illustrations. 

All revisions to roughs or final images beyond the above are charged additionally unless otherwise agreed prior to commencement.


A professional voiceover artist will create an audio file for the video.  You can select a voiceover artist from any of our standard artists, or you may supply your own voiceover audio file if you choose.  No price reduction is made if you choose to supply your own voice over.

Draft Video

A draft video will be supplied for you to check and approve before the final video is delivered.  In the unlikely event that you require any alteration to the video, changes will incur supplementary charges unless they are errors in production on our part or included in a previously agreed price. Should you decide to reduce the length of your video after supply of the draft, the price will be calculated on the original length, and any alterations charged additionally.

Final Video

Once the Draft Video has been approved, the final video will be supplied in MP4 format at 1920×1080 resolution as standard.  Different formats or resolutions can be requested.

Payment Terms

Payment in full is due prior to release of the final video or on 30 days by prior agreement.  We adhere to a strict payment policy.  We understand and will exercise our statutory right to claim interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation where we are not paid according to agreed credit terms.


Once production has begun, the client is contracted.  Should the video not be completed due to client actions, full payment is still due.


Usage Rights

Doodle Video Limited retains full copyright of the video file in perpetuity.

Once full and final payment has been completed, you will inherit full usage rights to the final video file. However, you do not acquire any rights to any of the characters or assets contained within the video.  You may request usage of assets by separate negotiation.

You may not, without prior permission, edit the file, or grant usage of the file to any other party.

When clients commission further work, characters used in previous videos can be requested.

Doodle Video Limited retains full rights to reuse any of the assets used in the creation of the video.



Doodle Video Limited reserves the right to use the client videos for marketing purposes, unless specifically requested not to by the client.


Supplementary Charges :

Additional scenes added to script = £100 each

Revised rough images = £50 each

Revised final images = £100 each

Full Colour images = additional £50 per scene

Re-edit fee = £100 per video minute

Voice-over re-record = £100 per audio minute

Portrayal of specific individuals or items = £100

Additional animation to drawn items = £50 per item/scene

Re-record audio in 2nd language, alter on-screen text and re-render = £350 per minute (European Latin Characters)

Re-record audio in 2nd language, alter on-screen text and re-render = £450 per minute (Non-European Latin Characters)

Closed or Open captions (any language) = £100 per minute

Individual images for re-use (supplied as Hi-Res JPEG) = £80 each

Individual scene as animated .Gif = £80 each



Doodle Video Limited reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. 

Last update March 2021.



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