Doodle Video Whiteboard Style Animation

Every client deserves a video that is unique to them … that fits with their company style and reflects their values.  That’s why here at Doodle Video, EVERYTHING we do is totally bespoke, and every image is lovingly created just for you by our fantastic team of illustrators!

Bringing Your Words to Life

With decades of commercial illustration experience, our team can take even the driest script and create amazing visuals to keep your viewer watching. Each of our illustrators has a particular drawing style allowing us to tailor our style to meet your needs.

From different drawing and colouring styles to creating characters to look like you or your team, we guarantee you’ll be delighted with the results. We create each of our videos individually for each client, so you will have a completely bespoke piece of work. You can take a look at previous projects we’ve produced to get some inspiration for your own animation design.

Choosing the Right Style

Choosing the right style for your video will depend on the story being told and the overall tone of the video. Whether you are looking for a full colour video or black line drawing style, we will be able to produce the perfect doodle video for you. Our animation team will then put together your video for your review.

Whiteboard Marketing Videos to Suit You!

We work with you every step of the way to create a final video that you’ll be over the moon with. If you’re not sure which Doodle Video style is right for you, we can help! Our team of Doodle Video experts will work with you to create a custom Doodle Video that meets your specific needs. Contact us today to get started!

Choose From Our Unique Drawing Styles


This is the classic Doodle Video style using stroke only. The outlines are mainly black lines with the colouring created by strokes rather than filled objects. It’s simple but always effective.


Style two is similar to Doodle Style 1, using a different illustrator. The colours are still produced with a pencil line rather than a block fill. We can use as many colours as you’d like, or if you prefer, we can stick to the colours from your logo. It’s entirely up to you.


This style is a classic cartoon style – mostly lines with some spot colour to highlight. This design is sure to liven up any script.


This simple full colour illustration is perfect for clients that want to add that little ‘extra’ to their animations. Colours are great for drawing attention, especially for children’s videos.

Style 5 – Full Colour 2

Using full colour 2, we can add colour to all aspects of your image, including the background.  This really brings the image to life!  With this style, we can still incorporate your brand colours, to ensure your viewers know who you are.

Style 6 – Full Colour 3

This is another full colour style alternative for an even more in-depth illustration. In this example, all the characters are based on actual team members! This adds a lot of personality and uniqueness to the design.

Style 7 – 50’s Character

This character style was created at a client’s request for a specific job where they wanted the characters to be a bit “Fred Flintstone”!  We now use this style in lots of videos!

Style 8 – Full Colour 4

Style 8 is our final example of a full colour style.  You’ll see this very distinctive cartoon style in some very famous magazines!

Get in Touch!

If you have any questions, drop us an email today or connect with us on social media. We look forward to hearing from you!


Here are some of our frequently asked questions:


How much do animation videos cost?

We can’t speak for everyone, but our videos cost anywhere between £700 and £1050 per minute. This can depend on the style and other options you choose for your video design. Our pricing includes a storyboard of rough sketches, colour illustrations, captions, professional voice-over, backing music, scriptwriting and video production.


What is a whiteboard style video?

Whiteboard animations are a particular kind of video style to help bring a script to life. Static images are drawn on the screen, accompanying a narration. 


Can I choose any style of illustration for a video?

We offer 8 different illustration styles for our Doodle videos. Whether you want something simple or something more detailed, we will work with you to help you decide on the best design for the project.