Our Different White Animation Styles

No one wants their video to look the same as everyone elses. Thats why here at Doodle Video everything we make is bespoke, just for you! We work together with you create something you will be over the moon with, ready to share with all your clients, employees and friends!

Our whiteboard animation styles range from different drawing and colouring methods to making the character look just like you. With our range of illustrators, we can make your video look exactly how you imagine it.

The first step in the process of making your video bespoke, is by choosing the right whiteboard animation style for you. Below you can see a video of our different styles in action. And then read a little bit more about them.

Just remember you can combine these styles with each other! Each of our different illustrators offer all the different colouring methods and our able to draw a caricature of you in their own unique style! Contact us for more information or like us on Facebook/Twitter to see them in action daily!

Stroke Colour Style 1

This is the classic Doodle Video style! We have used this style and illustrator from the very beginning, so a lot of the videos you may have seen will have looked like this. If you look carefully you might find some hidden puns and jokes that’ll keep you on your toes!

Stroke Colour Style Two

Style two of our stroke colour comes from an illustrator who can also offer full colour illustrations (see below) and his work looks great in both! With the stroke colour we only colour things that will look natural, to give the image that extra ‘POP’! We can use as much colour as you’d like or if you prefer, just stick to the colours from your logo, it’s completely up to you.

Stroke Colour Style Three

As well as our second illustrator, they also provide full colour illustrations. The simple pop of colour will really make your animation stand out, without making the it look too complicated. His illustrations are great at adding the finer detail which can really bring your script to life!



Full Colour Style one

This simple full colour illustration is perfect for clients that want to add that little ‘extra’ to their animations. This is the same illustrator as ‘stroke colour style 1’. The subtle colours can be made bolder or softer, whatever your taste may be.

Full Colour Style two

This is the full colour version of illustrations from ‘stroke colour style 2’. With the freedom of using full colour we can add colour to all aspects of your image, including the background, like the image to the left. This really brings your image to life and makes it fly off the screen! With this style we can still incorporate your brand colours, to make sure your viewers know who you are.

Full Colour Style Three

As well as offering the full background colour we can also use full colour in a more subtle way. For example the image to the right shows just the main image and people in full colour.

This illustrator does, of course, offer full background colour too.

If you’ve got any questions, drop us an email today or connect with us on our social media sites! We look forward to hearing from you.