If you have great hearing, it’s easy to forget that there are in fact more than 11 million people in the UK alone that are deaf or suffer from some form of hearing loss. There are 48 million hard of hearing people in America – roughly 1 in 6 of the population!  That’s a massive amount of people that wouldn’t be able to enjoy your video without captions.


Captions are a simple solution to opening your video to a much wider audience. If you are worried about black boxes and writing at the bottom of your screen ruining the look and style of your video, there are many ways to get around that.

Closed captions are a great add on by YouTube, this means that people can turn them off and on, excellent right! So people can enjoy the video with them off and anyone who needs them can simply turn them on!

With open captions there are many different looks so that it won’t distract from the video itself. You could have a black bar, just black writing or any other colour you fancied! We can change them until you get the look you are happy with.

People who are hard of hearing aren’t the only audience you’d be reaching with captions. You could also caption your video in any language you like. People all over the world could watch your video and actually understand what’s going on. Whether it’s to educate or promote a product,  your viewer needs to know what’s being said…


At Doodle Video we can make the captioning process quick and easy, simply let us know you want them and we’ll handle the rest. Open up your audience to millions more with this simple addition. For more information on how we can help look here or contact us today!