Got Whiteboard Animation Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

Have you got questions about whiteboard animations or Doodle Video? We have the answers you’re looking for! Here are Doodle Videos frequently asked questions. If the answers you’re looking for aren’t on this page, contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

Why should you choose Doodle Video to produce your Video?

If you’re looking for quality, then Doodle Video is the right choice. Quality means that the artwork is professional and individual and unlike other Whiteboard animation companies, we never use stock images or re-use images. This means you won’t find your images in another company video or on someone elses web site. All our illustrators are experts with many years of commercial illustration experience, allowing them to take your script and create unique images and our voice artists are all professional voice actors.

What’s the process, and how long does it take?

There are 5 main phases to our production process:

  1. Storyboarding
  2. Final Illustrations
  3. Voice Recording
  4. Backing Music
  5. Animation and Production

The whole process, start to finish, usually takes 15 days for a 2 minute video from final ‘voice ready’ script. Times can vary depending on how quickly a client provides feedback … So for instance, a small business can often come back straight away with comments where a large client may have to get feedback from multiple stakeholders before approval.

If you have an urgent requirement, we can usually accommodate this, but there may be additional costs.

If you’re still confused take a look at our helpful little video to explain all the in’s and out’s of our video production process!

What is the price of a video?

A bespoke video costs between £650 and £1050 per minute depending on the options chosen

What is included in the price?

Storyboard of rough images, Colour Illustrations (4-5 per minute of video), professional voice-over, backing music and video production.

Can I make revisions?

Depending on the package you choose, you have various points at which you can make changes. We won’t move on to producing the storyboard and rough illustrations until you are totally happy with your script and it’s been agreed and signed off. The Illustrators take the final script and produce a storyboard of ideas. If you have the storyboard option, and you’re not happy with the roughs, we’ll allow you to make any changes you need before we produce the final images. This is the last point at which any revisions are possible except with Premium Plus. The next time you see anything, your video will be complete!

Why does it cost so much – it’s simple, right?

Doodle Video are actually significantly cheaper than many other whiteboard animation companies in the same market. Of course, there are companies who do it for much less, but they generally use stock images and try to make them fit the script. This means that not only will they not follow the script properly, but there’s a very good chance you’ll see the same images in another video…

Each scene we create takes an illustrator around 2 hours to produce and each minute of video can contain 5 scenes, so each minute of video is a days work just for the illustrator. By the time you add in the voice artists, animators and producers, I think you’ll agree that Doodle Videos are really good value for money!

We endeavor to make Doodle Video affordable for everyone and produce the Best Quality video for the Best Price.

More questions? Then Contact us, either by Email or phone (01353 72 30 31). You can also get to us via our social media sites.