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So you’ve got the perfect script, and a great voiceover…what’s missing?

Do you know what kind of video you want? Are you just going to use a boring PowerPoint presentation?

What about something much more interesting…?


A psychologist call Dr Richard Wiseman has conducted many experiments to see what type of video has the best retention rate. From his studies he has found that people are much more likely to remember information when watching whiteboard animations, just like the one at the top of this page.

When comparing a ‘talking head’ video and a whiteboard animation, with exactly the same information and voiceover, only 70% of the viewers were able to answer questions correctly from the Talking head video and 92% for the whiteboard animation! That’s a huge 22% more!

Some companies charge anywhere between £1000-£3000 for one of these amazing whiteboard animations, but we think that’s a lot of money.

Here at Doodle Video we offer completely bespoke whiteboard animations at an amazing price that includes;

  • Storyboard of bespoke roughs
  • Colour final illustrations
  • Full whiteboard animation
  • Backing music
  • AND a wider range of voiceover artists to choose from

We can produce a high quality video, making the process extremely simple for you, without breaking the bank!

UPGRADE your voiceover to our FULL VIDEO SERVICE right now for JUST £650!

Below you’ll see exact what a Doodle Video is and how much we can help you take your script to the next level!

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