Over the last 10 weeks, we have been sharing a little bit about ourselves on Twitter. We wanted to show our personal side and let you see exactly who it is that makes your Doodle Videos.

We came up with our Meet the team Monday hashtag to introduce the Doodlers one by one.

Just in case you missed it, I thought I’d put them up here too!

The Script

This is where your Doodle Video begins.

If your script is created in house, it gets sent to Pete. With his magical use of words and understanding of marketing he knocks up a masterpiece for the rest of us to work with.

The Voice-over Team

Once the script has been nailed, it’s sent over to one of our Voice-over Artists. We offer a range of different voices so you can be sure to get the right tone for your video. We have different accents, languages and even cartoon voices if that’s what you need!

Here are Mark, Juliet and Matt to give you a taste of the team.


What would a whiteboard animation be without the excellent images!

Once the script is complete, our illustrators create the images to tell the story. We have several different styles and a range of different types of colouring techniques.

We know you won’t be disappointed with what they come up with!


Once all the pieces of the puzzle are complete, it’s time to fit them together.

That’s where the production team come in. They time the illustration animations to match to the voice-over, add any additional animation and then find a suitable music track to compliment the video.

The Boss

If you’ve used us before then you’ve probably spoken to her on the phone (or gotten many an email)…

Jenny tracks your video as it goes through every stage of its production, from when its just an idea until it’s complete and ready to be shown to the world. She’ll make sure everyone stays on schedule and that no requirements are missed.

She’ll always be there to help you with anything you need, nothing is ever too much trouble.

So there you have it – The Team!

All of our Doodlers work hard to make your final video exactly the way you want it. We’ll work with you throughout each stage of production so that we know you’re happy every step of the way. And now you know exactly who you’re working with!

Even I have learnt a little bit more about everyone and I hope you’ll trust us to make your video idea a reality.

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