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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of adjusting a website to improve the quality and quantity of web traffic. It’s about showing search engines like Google why you’re the best option for a given search so they put you in front of the people you’re trying to reach. There’s a lot to it, but getting it right is incredibly valuable. 

There are many SEO factors. And in this guide, we’ll look at an important (though sometimes overlooked) element of SEO – video.

The Google Algorithm – Quality and Relevance

The Google algorithm is complex. All kinds of metrics and factors are used to determine who shows up when a user searches. But you don’t need to know the ins and outs to understand why video is essential. What you do need to know is Google’s aim which is to provide users with the highest quality and most relevant content. And there are a number of ways Google can decipher what is and isn’t relevant and high quality.


Page View Time

Search engines are always trying to provide users with the best results for their searches. And a great indicator of a valuable site is how long people spend on it. If a website didn’t serve the purpose users needed, they’d click away and move on to another website. If users spend time on a site, it’s a good indicator they’ve found what they’re looking for. More page view time can only be a good thing. And video is excellent for holding a viewer’s attention. 


Social Signals

Not all metrics that illustrate your relevance, popularity or the quality of your content are directly tied to Google. Social signals – a brand or website’s visibility and engagement across social media channels – can also influence how search engines perceive you. And when it comes to social media, video is the medium of choice. Platforms such as TikTok are built on the back of video content, and even Facebook and Instagram have shifted their focus to video.


YouTube Is The Second-Largest Search Engine

SEO is often thought of in terms of websites. And SEO strategies are often underpinned by written content such as blogs. But not all search engines are centred on websites and the written word. YouTube is the second largest search engine (and its owned by the largest – Google). People use YouTube daily to answer their questions, find product reviews, and more, just as they would with any other search engine. Though the rules are slightly different, the overarching ideas are the same for YouTube as any search engine – deliver the best, most engaging, and most relevant content. 


But it’s hard to take advantage of YouTube’s brilliant possibilities without video content. And, of course, just because a video is hosted on YouTube doesn’t mean you can reap the benefits elsewhere. YouTube videos appear in regular Google search results too. And you can embed your YouTube videos on your website for better page view times and more!


Video Goes Beyond SEO

SEO is just the first step. Getting people to your website is important, but that’s only the start. Now you need to engage, inform, or motivate your visitor to buy. But don’t panic. If you’re already claiming the top spots on Google, you’re likely doing a lot of things right already. 


Thankfully, whatever your goal is, it goes hand in hand with SEO. Search engines want to give users the best results possible. So if your goal is to inform, and you’re top of the search engines for your industry’s biggest questions, you’re probably doing a great job of informing people. (The increased video content view time will help with this). 


Similarly, if you’re looking to make more sales, Video won’t just help you get more visitors to your website; it’ll also help you transform them into customers. 


Whiteboard Animation – Our Top Pick For Video Content

So it’s settled – videos are incredible and should be a building block of any good SEO strategy. But what videos should you be using? Our top pick is whiteboard animation videos. They’re fun and engaging, and completely personalised. If you use bespoke illustrations (and all of our videos do), you can create the perfect imagery to tell a story. And you can make sure you pick a style that reflects you best too. 


Why Choose Doodle Video

When creating impactful whiteboard videos for your website, there’s no one better than Doodle Video. It sounds braggy, but we back it up. We have a proven process with creative experts working at every stage. From copywriters masterfully crafting a script to our wonderful voice-over artists delivering every line with exacting precision – every Doodle video is designed to help you achieve your goals. So if you’re ready to use video to enhance your SEO efforts, get in touch!