HR Training Videos For Employees

Human resources is one of the cornerstones of any business. Among their many duties, HR is tasked with ensuring employees are fully informed in a wide variety of areas. From employee onboarding to various employee training, it’s your job to share vital information with the workforce.

And we have the perfect solution for delivering this information in a fun and engaging way… Whiteboard Animation Videos!

The sad truth is too many company training programmes are boring.

  • PowerPoints don’t hook you – not even the ones with “fancy” transitions.
  • No one enjoys reading a stack of paper.
  • And long, drawn-out, jargon-filled lectures are dull.


There’s a better way…

HR Training Videos provide all of this and much much more.

Man asleep watching a long video

Uses For HR Training Videos

Whiteboard animations are perfect for explainer videos. Whether you’re introducing a new employee to your processes and procedures, upskilling your workforce, or sharing your company culture, HR animation videos are the ideal communication tool.

For any employee training, the training must engage employees. Ideas need to be explained and illustrated in an easy-to-understand way. And the information needs to stick. Since 65% of us are visual learners – there’s no better way to do this than animated training videos.

      The Process

      How do we add a splash of fun to employee training? We’re so glad you asked. We’ve got a team of video experts that are all bubbling over with creativity. Each one of them specialises in a fun and vital aspect of training video production. And we have a streamlined process for bringing their many talents together. 

      Here’s what working with Doodle Video looks like, step-by-step.

      1. Scriptwriting

      The foundation of any good video is the script. Every other element stems from this, so it’s crucial to get it right. We know you can’t wait to get to the brilliant illustrations, this is video after all, but the process starts with our wonderful wordsmiths. Our team of video scriptwriting wizards will get the ball rolling with your training video and set it on a winning trajectory.

      2. Voiceover

      Once the script is approved, it’s handed to our video voiceover artists. We’ll find the right voice for you and your training to keep your employees engaged. We have a talented pool of artists to choose from. And we professionally record every script, ensuring crisp and clear audio. The best bit – you can guarantee flawless delivery (down to the syllable) every time.

      3. Illustrations

      Now it’s time for the part that makes a video a video – the imagery. We’ve crafted a masterful script. We’ve perfectly conveyed it with elegant voiceover work. Next, we let our video illustrators loose to bring their creativity to the forefront and design bespoke imagery to create the visual component of your video. We work in a variety of styles, too – so we can always make something to match your tone.

      4. Production

      Our scriptwriters, voiceover artists, and illustrators are all incredible. All of their work is brilliant in its own right. But an excellent HR training video brings them all together to create something truly spectacular. The production process ties everything together, tidies it up and adds some polish (such as background music and closed or option captioning).

      5. Publishing

      And once it’s all put together, there’s just one thing left to do – hit publish. We’ll make your video available for download – it’s now ready to take into the training room.

      HR Training Video FAQ

      How Long Does HR Video Production Take?

      From completing the script, the typical production time on a 2-minute is just 15 days. It sounds crazy that we can complete the whole process outlined above in just over two weeks. But we’re experienced pros, and we’ve got the process down to a fine art. Impressive, right?

      Can I Request Edits After The Video Is Completed?

      Of course. We understand your training will change, and your HR training videos may need updates. And we’re happy to help where we can. We cannot make every change for free, but there’s plenty we can. So let us know, and we’ll make sure your training video is up to date.

      What Is Included In A HR Training Video

      We work on training videos from start to finish. We start with a script (written by expert video script copywriters) and go through to professional voiceover work, bespoke illustrations, and high-quality production. Or, if you prefer to supply your own script, we can take over from there.

      Need More Info?

      If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us! You can also connect with us on our social media sites. We look forward to hearing from you.