Top 5 Advantages To using

video for marketing

Why use video for marketing?

Video marketing is an essential tool for businesses as it captures attention, engages viewers, and increases brand awareness. With its ability to tell compelling stories, showcase products, and evoke emotions, video content can lead to higher conversions and improved customer connections. Videos are highly shareable, boosting brand visibility and reach, while also benefiting SEO efforts. The versatility of videos allows for use across various platforms and formats, providing measurable results and personalized communication. Mobile-friendly and accessible, videos have become a vital component of effective marketing strategies in today’s digital landscape.

Top 5 advantages to using video for marketing

Increased engagement

It goes without saying that a high quality product needs precise attention to detail, so to begin with, you need to be sure there’s a professional creative team behind the scenes.

Blocktest doodle video

Improved SEO

Videos are great for SEO as they help to increase the amount of time people spend on your website and audiences are spending an average of  19 hours a week watching videos online. The longer people spend on your website, the better it is for your search engine rankings.

Increased social media reach

Videos are highly shareable and can go viral on social media platforms, which can greatly increase your brand’s reach and engagement with your audience.

Improved customer understanding

With so many advantages to using video, they can provide a clear understanding of your products or services, helping customers make informed decisions about their purchases. This can lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Video is versatile

Video is an incredibly versatile tool for marketing, offering multiple formats, diverse content types, and adaptability for various stages of the marketing funnel. It can be distributed across numerous channels, repurposed for different campaigns, personalised, and localised to reach global audiences.

As you’ve got this far, let us tell you what Doodle Video has to offer….

  • We have a proven track record and have been producing Doodle Videos for 10 years.  We have a 100% satisfaction GUARANTEE – we have NEVER had an unhappy customer or failed to deliver in any way.
  • We have a clear and straightforward process from script production, storyboards, final illustrations, voice over and production and every client has an allocated project manager to keep everything on track
  • All our videos are 100% bespoke, customized to our clients exact needs, taking into consideration budget, audience and tone.
  • Our illustrators are all professional cartoonists with decades of experience in commercial illustration and our voice artists are all professionals in their field.
  • We’ve worked for hundreds of business in dozens of industries from Pharma and Healthcare to Banking and Construction.  Our clients range from micro businesses and SME’s right up to some of the biggest multi-national blue chip organisations.
  • We offer outstanding quality at a great price.

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