Tone of voice is the attitude reflected in what we say and how we say it. But it’s not limited to speech or even the written word. Any medium which helps us share a message has a tone of voice. The messaging can be hard to follow when the tone is inconsistent, but consistency keeps the message clear and lets us know who you are. 


Tone is fundamental to a business and greatly influences how they are perceived. Do you want to be seen as a friendly local business? Come across as more authoritative? Or be associated with fun? Whatever your goal, the secret is mastering your tone of voice.


Capturing Tone With Whiteboard Video

At Doodle, we’re big fans of whiteboard animation videos. And we know a thing or two about capturing the right tone of voice with them. There’s a lot to it. So in this guide, we’ll focus on one key element – the illustrations. Choosing the right illustration style is a must if you want your video to be on brand. So here are our top tips for choosing a style that suits your business best. 


Using Colour In Your Whiteboard Video Illustrations

There are loads of fantastic ways to incorporate colour into your illustrations. In our various animation styles, we use colour in a selection of interesting ways. You can highlight specific elements of an image with our line and spot colour style. This is a brilliant way to add a splash of excitement to a script. More full-colour options draw the eye and are a marvellous way to incorporate your brand colours seamlessly. For a fun full-colour option for children’s videos, check out Style 4 on our illustrations styles page.


How Detailed Should Whiteboard Video  Illustrations Be?

Minimalist designs, such as black outline drawings, are simple but effective. And they offer plenty of ways to capture different moods and tones with colour. The difference between a few highlighted areas of stroke colour and full-colour is staggering and completely changes the feel. 


However, if you want to capture a bit more of the real world in your cartoon drawings, you absolutely can. Take our Style 6 illustrations, for example. With this full-colour option, we create cartoon characters based on real people. This fills your video with personality. Use these whiteboard videos for HR training and watch how excited your employees are to see themselves in cartoon form. 


Consider Typography When Choosing An Illustration Style

As we mentioned earlier, the key to tone is consistency. The words you say, the way you say them, and even your branding all need to align. But that’s a lot to cover, so we’ll focus on matching your visuals for now. What appears on the screen should all fit together effortlessly. Your typography and illustrations can’t be too far apart in style from one another. Your typography and illustrations need the same tone. They should be saying the same thing and evoking the same emotions. It’s important to consider this when choosing your illustrations especially if you already have your typography picked out.


Bespoke Whiteboard Videos In A Style To Suit You

If you want more help choosing the right illustration style for a whiteboard, speak with our experts. Our experienced illustrators create bespoke illustrations in a variety of styles. There’s something for everyone and we’ll help you find the right one. 

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