Healthcare & Medical Whiteboard Animation Explainer Videos

Need to make your presentations more fun? Explaining often complex and detailed medical procedures, products or concepts can be difficult. This is when videos can be a helpful tool to use. But not all medical videos are created equally. However you need to educate your viewer; Doodle Video is the best option.

The level of engagement of a doodle video is much higher than any other video format, giving Doodle Videos many advantages over video styles. They clearly explain complex medical information to those needing it. A short educational whiteboard animation can easily explain everything from launching new treatments and medications to how to stay protected from viruses.


Benefits of Whiteboard Animation

Because of how the brain processes the image being created in a Doodle Video, very complex concepts can be portrayed very simply and concisely. Thi
s is important for medical videos because it allows viewers to understand the information without becoming overwhelmed.

Here are just some of the benefits of using whiteboard animations in your healthcare and medical explainer videos:

    • They use a unique & engaging format
    • They hold people’s attention for longer than other video formats
    • They deliver unexciting topics in a more entertaining way
    • They convey your unique personality and branding

    How Whiteboard Animation Videos Can be Used in Healthcare

    Whiteboard animations can be a valuable format for several reasons. They can be used as a way to:

  • Launch new drug products/ treatments
  • Provide health & safety explainer videos
  • Provide patient treatment videos
  • Inform patients about services
  • Ensure patients receive reliable information about their health
  • Our Doodle Video Process

    We offer a range of features you can incorporate into your whiteboard animation to make it stand out. Choose from various animation styles, voiceover, captioning, backing music, and more! We will work with you to develop the perfect script, or you can supply your own.  We’ll take your script, and our illustrators will create the unique images that will form the basis of your Doodle Video. When the storyboard is agreed upon, we’ll help you decide what voice style will best convey your message. We will then produce your video, bringing everything together to create your finished Doodle Video.

    Once your whiteboard animation video is complete, we’ll deliver the final HD video file in whatever format you need. We can even supply stills or gif images from the video for you to use in promotions or social media.

    Why Choose Doodle Video?

    Doodle Videos are an excellent choice for medical videos because they are affordable, easy to produce, and easy to amend if information changes. Traditional medical videos can be costly and time-consuming to produce, whereas Doodle Videos are made efficiently and effectively without breaking the bank!

    So, if you’re looking for a medical video that is engaging, entertaining, and affordable, then a Doodle Video is a perfect choice.


    How Much Does a Whiteboard Animation Video Cost?

    Each Doodle Video is entirely bespoke and produced to your exact requirements.  We have a standard price list, but if you want an accurate quote, we need to understand what you need.  Fill in your details below and tell us about your project, and we’ll get back to you with a quote. We won’t spam your inbox with emails. We’ll keep you informed about our great offers and the next steps of your video-making process.


    How long does the video production process take?

    There are 5 main aspects to our whiteboard video production process. These include script writing, storyboarding, illustration, voice recording, and animation production. Our standard production schedule is 15 days to complete a 2 minute Doodle Video animation once the script has been finalised. But, iif you have an urgent requirement, we’ll always try to accommodate it, although there may be additional costs.


    Can I request edits to my video once it is complete?

    Of course! Although not all amendments are free of charge.  During the production process, there are review points at each deliverable stage. We won’t move on to the next step until you’re 100% happy.  Sometimes after a video is produced, something changes – maybe a process or product is amended, which could mean a change to the script or images.  The advantage of Doodle Videos is that it’s simple for us to make changes later without starting again from scratch!


    Head over to our FAQs page to learn more about our services.

    Need More Info?

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us! You can also connect with us on our social media sites. We look forward to hearing from you.