Financial Services Video Production

The financial services industry is a highly competitive and constantly changing field. To stay ahead of the competition, companies have to find new and innovative ways to engage their customers.

  • You need to get your message across.
  • You might need to simplify complex ideas.
  • And you need to make finance interesting.

Easier said than done – unless you’re Doodle Video. And we are!

Financial services are vital – money makes the world go around, after all. But to many, finance is reminiscent of maths classes that never seemed to end. So unless you want eyes to glaze over, you’ll need a splash of excitement. 

Bring your next employee training or marketing campaign to life with animated whiteboard videos.

  • Make stale stats and figures engaging with lively illustrations.
  • Connect with your audience with an expertly written script.
  • And project authority and trust with professional voiceovers.


How Financial Services Can Use Whiteboard Videos

Doodle’s financial service video production service is a versatile option filled with variety and potential. There are endless uses for animated whiteboard videos within the financial services industry. If you have a message to get across – whiteboard animations can help you. 

Whiteboard videos can simplify complex ideas, make information memorable, and engage viewers.

Suddenly your website is not a jargon-filled whirlpool of complicated finance concepts – it’s a venue for useful (and, better yet, understandable) information.

Your emails inspire more “ah-ha” moments and less head-scratching. 

And employee training is now a captivating learning experience.

      Why Choose Video?

      Every industry can benefit from animated whiteboard videos. But they’re particularly useful in the financial sector. There are better solutions than the written word for communicating complex financial information. A page of financial terms does not captivate people or inspire action. 

      Video brings much more to the table. It still has all the perks of well-written content – it’s all underpinned by a professionally written script. Plus, there are incredible bespoke images to draw the eye and compelling voiceovers to share your message confidently.

      And video is a versatile medium. It fits just as well on your website as in an email. It works in employee training or an advert. And we all know it’s the medium of choice for social media.

      Our Financial Services Video Process

      Doodle Video is a creative team of whiteboard video experts. We have a talented team of copywriters, illustrators, voiceover artists and animators ready to bring their skills to the financial industry. 

      We take care of the entire process from start to finish. We start with writing a script (or you can provide your own) and work through to publishing.


      The foundation of any good whiteboard animation video is the script. It forms the basis for the entire video – everything is built on top of it. And we’d trust no one more to build a strong foundation for a financial services whiteboard video than our experienced copywriters. They have mastered storytelling and making compelling video scripts. 


      Our talented copywriters will find the right tone for your video. But there’s another way to capture the right tone of voice – a literal tone of voice. And we have plenty to choose from. Once the script is approved, we’ll move to recording a professional voiceover. We have many skilled voiceover artists ready to flawlessly deliver your script. 


      Now it’s time to capture attention with imagery. And again, you’re spoilt for choice. We have a variety of fantastic art styles to choose from. And every image is completely unique to you, so we can best communicate your story.


      We have the words. They’ve been professionally delivered. And they’re supported with bespoke images. Now let’s bring it all together. We’ll add all the bells and whistles, such as captions and background music. We add all the polish and sparkle to complete your finance services whiteboard video.


      We’ve let our copywriters, voiceover artists, and illustrators loose. They’ve brought together a fantastic video. And there’s just one thing left to do – hit publish. We’ll upload your video for you to download and use however you need. 

      Get Your Financial Services Whiteboard Animation Video

      The Doodle Video team love bringing their creativity to the financial Services industry. It’s the perfect amalgamation of science and numbers (that’s you) and compelling storytelling (that’s us). Make even the most complex financial ideas accessible and engaging, and take your training, marketing and more to the next level. 

      Speak with a whiteboard video expert today!

      Financial Services Video Production FAQs

      How Long Does Financial Service Video Production Take

      We have perfected the video production process and our whiteboard animation videos. A 2-minute video takes just 15 days from finalising the script.

      What Is Included In A Whiteboard Video?

      We can take care of the entire process from scriptwriting to the end of production, including a professionally recorded voiceover and bespoke illustrations. If you prefer, you can also provide your own script, and we’ll take it from there. (Though our copywriters are very talented, so we recommend letting them help you write your message.)

      Can I Request Edits After The Video Is Finished?

      Absolutely. Not all edits can be made for free, though there is plenty we can edit without any additional cost. We understand that things change and want to ensure your video provides the most up-to-date message and information. 


      Need More Info?

      If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us! You can also connect with us on our social media sites. We look forward to hearing from you.