eLearning Animation Training Videos

Since Richard Wisemans’ first study into the effectiveness of learning using narration and illustrations, there’s been no doubt that the level of recall of information presented in whiteboard animation far outshines other video styles when it comes to learning and recall. 

The more immersive the experience, the more the viewer engages with the content and the better the levels of recall.  

Doodle Video’s whiteboard animation videos will elevate your eLearning courses so they are engaging and enjoyable and most important of all, ensure that your learners remember what they learnt, by Transforming classroom-style learning into fun and informative animations!


Benefits Of Whiteboard Animated Training Videos

Whiteboard videos are the perfect solution for training videos because of their versatility – they can be used in any industry to convey any subject – if you can explain it in words, we can draw it! 

  • They enable simple explanations of complex materials
  • Reduce cognitive load
  • Signal important information with colour
  • Guide the viewer with the drawing hand
  • Build a visual memory of salient points
  • Plus the cartoon style lifts viewers mood, releasing Dopamine and so increasing engagement!

Man asleep watching a long video

How They Can Be Useful for eLearning

eLearning courses often involve needing to convey a lot of information in a short time. This can lead to people failing to reach their learning goals. Whiteboard animation videos are one of the best formats for presenting information to be engaging and better understood. 

Here’s how a Doodle Video can help you:

  • Create better engagement for eLearning
  • Break down complex information into manageable sections
  • Visual learning is more likely to be remembered
  • Video format is easily accessible online

    Our Doodle Video Process

    We offer a range of features you can incorporate into your whiteboard animation, and we carry out the whole process in-house! Choose from our various animation styles, voiceover artists, caption options, and backing music. We can work with you to develop the perfect script for your video, or you can supply your own, we’re easy! Once we have your script, our talented illustrators will create a storyboard of rough pencil images for you to review before moving on to the colour images which will be used in the final production.  When the storyboard is approved, we’ll help you to select a voice artist from our standard list before bringing everything together to create your perfect Doodle Video.

    When your whiteboard animation video is complete, we will make the HD video file available to you in whatever format you need. It will then be downloadable anytime, anywhere, whenever you need it. We can even publish the video to YouTube so you can link to the video on your website or social media. 


    What features are included in the price quote?

    In our standard “per minute” price we include a storyboard of rough images with up to 5 scenes in each minute, 1 round of reviews to roughs, final colour images, voice over from our standard artists list, production and royalty free backing music. You will receive the final video in an HD digital format for you to use however you wish.


    How long will it take to receive my video?

    Our standard turnaround for a 2 minute video is 15 working days from supply of final “voice ready” script.  This allows for reviews at roughs and draft animation stages.  Script production is in addition to the 15 day production schedule.


    Head over to our FAQs page to learn more about our services.

    Need More Info?

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email us! You can also connect with us on our social media sites. We look forward to hearing from you.