Adding Captions to Your Whiteboard Animation Video

Once your Doodle Video is complete, maybe you should think about adding some captions?

We can add open or closed captions in any language!

Make your animation videos more accessible and appeal to a larger audience

If you have great hearing, it’s easy to forget that there are, in fact, more than 11 million people in the UK alone that are deaf or have some sort of hearing loss. That’s a huge number of people that may not be able to enjoy your whiteboard animation video. You could be losing potential business opportunities!

Here at Doodle Video, we think it’s important to be inclusive, so we encourage our clients to think about adding captions to their whiteboard videos. Doing so immediately makes your whiteboard animation accessible to a larger audience.

Adding captions to your whiteboard video helps:

  • Deaf or Hard of hearing
  • Non-English speakers
  • Viewers without speakers
  • Viewers in public spaces
  • Viewers in noisy environments

We can add either open or closed captions to your video

There are two different types of captions that can be added to our videos. Each type has its benefits, and we can help you decide which is best for your project. So, what is the difference between open and closed captions?

Open Captions

These are the most common form of captions. They are burnt into your video, which means open captions can’t be turned on or off. We can add these captions to your video in any size, font, or colour. Thanks to this creative freedom, open captions can even be designed to fit in with your brand guidelines!

Closed Captions

These are perfect for YouTube and similar sites. With closed captions, the viewer can switch the text on or off within the browser. If you still want people to be able to watch your animation video without subtitles, then closed captions are the option for you.

Adding captions to our videos is the last stage of the production process.


The Main Benefits of Adding Captions to Your Animation Video

closed captions on video

As mentioned above, adding captions makes your videos more accessible to a larger audience. This could bring in more business – and who wouldn’t want that? It also shows that your business takes inclusivity seriously, just like we do. The benefits don’t end here! Here’s all of the main ways adding captions can help boost your video content:

  • Accessibility: Adding captions to your videos means deaf, hard of hearing, and non-English speakers can understand what’s being said. Also, viewers can still understand your video in public spaces or noisy environments.
  • Lengthen Watch Time: Whiteboard videos grab people’s attention thanks to their eye-catching animation style, but adding captions can hold your audience’s attention for longer. You may find that people watch your video for longer if captions are an option. Captions mean people can watch your video on a busy train – or at their desk!
  • Improving Your SEO: If you want your website to rank higher on Google search results, then you should think about adding captions to your videos. Search engines can’t crawl videos the way they crawl text. Adding captions makes Google happy!

Video Caption FAQs

How much does adding captions to my whiteboard animation video cost?

Adding either open or closed captions to your video costs £100 a minute. We don’t charge more for non-English languages! We can add captions in ANY language you wish. Think about the wider audience you are reaching. By adding captions, you are opening opportunities for more business. Making a few extra sales likely pays that cost back and more!

Can the captions on my video be personalised to match my company’s branding?

We can design the captions to suit your branding if you choose open captions. We can change the following:

  • Text size
  • Colour
  • Font

I also need a voiceover for my video – Is this something Doodle Video does?

Don’t worry; we have you covered! We can also provide voice-overs to go alongside your whiteboard animation video. You can choose from the following options:

  • Male or female
  • Accent
  • Age

If you’ve got any questions, drop us an email today or connect with us on our social media sites! We look forward to hearing from you.