Adding Captions to Your Doodle Video

Once your Doodle Video is complete, maybe you should think about adding some captions?

We can add open or closed captions in any language!

If you have great hearing, it’s easy to forget that there are in fact more than 11 million people in the UK alone that are deaf or suffer from some form of hearing loss. Thats a huge number of people that may not be able to enjoy your whiteboard animation.

Here at Doodle Video, we think it’s important to be inclusive so we encourage our clients to think about adding captions to their video, as they immediately make your whiteboard animation accessible to a larger audience.

Captions help;

  • Deaf or Hard of hearing
  • Non-English speakers
  • Viewers without speakers
  • Viewers in public spaces
  • Viewers in noisy environments

There are two different types of captions that can be added to our videos – Open and closed captions.

Open captions are the most common form of captions and these are burnt into your video, meaning they can’t be turned on or off.  They can be produced in any size, font and colour to fit with your brand guidelines.

Closed captions are perfect for YouTube and similar sites. They can be switched on or off by the viewer from within the browser.

We can also add captions in different languages, saving the cost of re-producing a video in a 2nd language, we can just add captions from a translated script.

Adding captions to our videds is the last stage of the video production process.

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add captions to your video