Whiteboard animations are an engaging and fun type of marketing and e-learning. The illustrations, along with a great script, help to capture the audience’s attention straight away. But a lot of the time people use the same image ideas over and over again. Meaning the best way to have a new and exciting video is by being unique in your illustrations.


I don’t mean to say that you can’t use that puzzle piece, as this is a perfect way to illustrate something fitting together, but to really make your video stand out how about using a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! They are the perfect match and it’s still a symbol that everybody knows. Give them a cute face and you’ll make everyone smile.

It may be difficult to have new and exciting images for everything, so writing your script to make it more of a story then just information can help. Having it flow like a fairy tale will help the illustrations flow from one scene to another. This will also help the viewer understand what is happening on screen. Having a protagonist cartoon lead your viewer through the story and interact with what is going on around them. Plus, bringing in a bad guy also puts the audience on edge!


Here are a couple examples of my favourite cartoons by one of our talented illustrators to get your creative juices flowing!


And theres hundreds more! Check out our Youtube (youtube.com/doodlevideouk) for some examples.