If you had a choice between an off-the-shelf suit/dress and a beautifully hand tailored one that fits you perfectly, which one would you prefer to have?

We all know that the ill-fitting suit will look okay for the wedding, but you’ll probably be going home alone…

Bespoke e-learning is very similar. There are many benefits to getting bespoke e-learning for your company, which is why that’s what we offer here at Doodle Video!

With a ‘ready-made’ course, you have no control over the content. You can’t personalise it at all!  Here are some of the things we offer to make your e-learning videos perfect for you

Your Own Branding


When you have control of your videos, you can add your own logo wherever you like! And have your brand colours flowing throughout the video. This will help your viewers to connect with the video as they recognise what they are seeing. It also allows you to integrate your business values, helping your team understand your business.

Make it Specific


With a ready-made video, you get what you are given. You have no real control over content. If you want your employees to understand a new piece of software, for example, being bespoke in your video making will allow you to teach them fully. You will be able to explain step by step how to use it, and even your reasoning behind the change.



Once the video is made, and you realise that something isn’t quite right – the colours for example – with an off the shelf, you’d have no way of changing this. With a bespoke video you will be able to change this to make your video perfect! Or say you wanted to update the video you had made a year or so ago, to change the stats or an email address, EASY! With bespoke learning, all of this is possible.



The main thing that Doodle Video offers is completely bespoke illustrations for every video. We have a range of talented illustrators ready to draw images to follow your script, using humor and metaphor.  If you have images you’d like included, we can do that too!  Every image is drawn with care and attention to detail.  We can even create characters to represent your employees, so the viewers recognise the cartoon characters in the video! Isn’t that awesome! This will really engage your viewers and help them retain the information.

This is an example image of where we created the cartoons off of the employees of the company to make a personal christmas card.

There are so many pro’s to having bespoke e-learning. It helps the viewers understand your company and its values, helps to attract the viewers’ attention and then to retain the information but the most important is that it allows you to have control on what it is you are creating and decide whether it is right for you.

Here at Doodle Video we love being bespoke. We offer you control in every aspect of the video making journey, allowing you to have bespoke illustrations, voice-overs and even backing music. So that you can make it exactly how you want it.

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