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8 Reasons To Use Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation, why use it, does it really work and specifically, why use us? Below are 8 reasons to use whiteboard animation with VideoScribe.  We can tell you about the science behind it and how we stand out from other whiteboard animation providers.


1 – Simple production process

It’s genuinely as easy as 1-2-3!

Start with a script – this can be supplied by you or created by our script writers.

When the script is agreed, it’s onto step 2 – our illustrators create a storyboard of pencil image ideas to follow the script.  You review and feedback on changes before it’s onto step 3.

The final colour images are created, the audio of the script recorded and the video produced! And all within a few weeks!  What could be simpler?

2 – Affordable

Unlike other video solutions, Doodle videos are affordable.  With an average cost of £950 per minute of finished video, they’re within the reach of most marketing budgets.  As the cost is based on the script, you’ll know from the start what the final price will be, so there’s no surprises down the line!

3 – Science

The action of a cartoon image being drawn on screen has been shown to light up more receptors in the brain than any other video style.  This means that long term memory receptors are engaged and viewers retain the information they see in Doodle videos far longer than from presentations in other media. Watching an image progress on screen naturally keeps a viewer engaged … they subconsciously want to see how it turns out, and the simplicity of the images uses less brain power allowing the audio to sink in, and because cartoons are fun, the brain also gives little dopamine rewards to the viewer!

4 – Educational

Doodle videos are great to explain things that would otherwise be hard to tell in words.  People learn better and faster when they’re happy and when something is fun – in tests, Learners retained more of the same information from a Doodle video compared to the same information in a talking-head video.

5 – Engaging your audience

As we know, ‘wordy’ presentations can be rather boring and dull. It’s hard to keep engaged and your focus tends to fade away after the first few minutes.  Viewers are more inclined to watch a video about information, rather than reading it. Videos have come to play an important role in content marketing.

6 – Keeping things simple

Whiteboard animations allow you to explain complex information in a simple and more exciting manner.  Drawings are much clearer to understand and follow and our brain absorb more information when there are additional visual cues.

7 – Delivering is easy

Getting your videos out there is simple.  We watch videos on many different platforms and your video can be seen easily from sites like Facebook, YouTube and many more. Videos are affordable and can be easily sent to clients. They can be uploaded an unlimited amount of times and can be played time and time again.

8 – Making content more memorable

Using a combination of text, audio and images is a very effective way at delivering messages. Whiteboard animations are eye-catching and leave a lasting impression.

So there you have it, 8 reasons why whiteboard animation works and why you should choose us.  Doodle Video go above and beyond for every client, so if you have any questions or would like to find out more information about us or our videos, feel free to get in contact with us!