Supercharge your Marketing with a Doodle Video Whiteboard Animation!

It’s true.  Video has unlimited benefits when it comes to marketing your business.

But you need to capture your audience and keep them engaged for long enough to get your message across ……  and that can be tough.

Science has demonstrated that when people just “watch videos”, unless they’re “Hollywood” quality, they soon drift off or click away somewhere else.

Doodle Videos are different. The part of your brain that’s activated when watching an illustration being drawn causes the same emotion as if you were actually drawing yourself.

This keeps you watching – you need to see how it’s going to turn out!

Be Number One with Doodle Video Whiteboard Animation Video

As the average business person uses the internet to research products online before they go to buy, the key is to make sure your business is the one they find.

How do you do that? Well, this is where video comes into play.  Search engines look for content that contains video and score it higher in their rankings than any other medium of media or webpage. If a company wants to get to the top of the search engines, the easiest way is through using video, and specifically, video that is unique, like Doodle Videos.

Doodle Videos can be used for any number of things – on exhibition stands, as product promotion or as explainer videos – whenever you need help to get your message across.

Doodle Video have provided services to my organisation for around three years now. As well as delivering top quality animations, Doodle Video have always been highly organised, proactive and responsive to exactly what we need (even if we don’t always know what we need!). Their project management skills and ‘can do’ approach have made it a pleasure to work with them, and I would not hesitate to recommend to other organisations.

Mike Ditchburn

e-Learning Operations Manager, QA

Doodle-Video were a joy to work with, understanding what we wanted to achieve from the start, while bringing it all to life and meeting tough deadlines along the way. We’re looking forward to working again with them soon.

Chris Booth

European Bank for Reconstruction & Development

I have worked with the Doodle Video Team twice now and both experiences were great. The first was to produce a fun, Xmas video and the project ran perfectly to time and gave us a great, fun company video. This time we upped the ante, as we asked them to create a promotional video for a new product launch, so commercially a lot more important than the Xmas video. After just 1 tcon and a few emails they ‘got’ what we wanted and created a masterpiece. We are all delighted at Excel!! I can’t recommend Doodle Video highly enough.

Andrew Waiton

Marketing Director, Excel Communications

The best internal comms video I have seen in a very long time, from any organisation I have worked for. I am not someone who retains a lot of information easily but this video delivers the messages in a clear, simple and memorable way.


I’m really impressed with the Doodle Video team. They’re a pleasure to work with, have simple processes in place and produce good quality work, quickly – and at a good price.

Whenever we have the need for another video of this type, they’ll be the first people I call.

Richard Wightman


I worked with Doodle Video to produce a series of informational videos on cybersecurity. Their responsiveness, flexibility and quality of output are exceptional and I cannot recommend Doodle highly enough.

Steve Mustard

President and CEO, National Automation Inc

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The Process ……

Step 1 - Ideas Time!

The first step into making your Doodle Video is the idea …. what is it you’re trying to get across? What’s your message?

Step 2 - The Script

Once you know what you need your viewers to get from the video, our professional copywriters create the perfect script!

Step 3 – Storyboard

With the script all finished, it’s time for our super talented illustrators to come up with the images that will make up your video. This part is always good fun!

Step 4 – Voiceover

Storyboard approved, your script goes off to the sound studio. You get to choose which of our voice actors you’d like to record your script.

Step 5 – Final images

Next is all about those Doodles! Time to take the images that you approved in the storyboard and produce the fabulous colour cartoons that will fill your screens

Step 6 – Video Production

Last, but not at all least, is where it all comes together! The final colour illustrations and voiceover come together and our video production department animate the video and add music and cool animations – then it’s time for you to show your video to the world!

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