It’s Time To Think Outside The Box!

Want to make your presentations more fun? Or keep your e-learning student engaged for longer?

Perhaps you need to promote your business or product?  However you need to educate your viewer, Doodle Video can help.

With our simple production process, in just a matter of a few weeks you could have YOUR perfect video!

Supercharge your Message with a Doodle Video!

Most of us know that video is brilliant when it comes to communicating about your business. But it needs to be good – capable of engaging your audience and getting your message across. Unfortunately, that typically means a Hollywood style production….and the costs to go with it.  Unless you look at a doodle video. You see, Doodle videos (also known as whiteboard animations or live drawing videos) are different. Not only are they typically far cheaper, but they get people far more involved, too. In fact, people don’t just watch a Doodle, they engage with it just as if they were drawing it themselves. And that increases engagement by a factor of 8, and gets people paying attention to your message.

Want to Rank high and be noticed?  Get a Doodle Video!

Search engines love video, and people love whiteboard animations! People process it more easily, and prefer it to almost any other form of communication. So if you’ve got video embedded, you’ll automatically rank higher than any other media or webpage. And the more unique your video (like a Doodle), the better. Whatever your needs, from communicating on your exhibition to explainer videos or even product promotion– a doodle will bring your message to life, and truly engage your audience.

How we bring your ideas to life

Reaching and engaging with your audience isn’t just about great video – it’s about the thought and process that brings your video to life. It’s fair to say that people love what we do – here’s why:

Doodle Video have provided services to my organisation for around three years now. As well as delivering top quality animations, Doodle Video have always been highly organised, proactive and responsive to exactly what we need (even if we don’t always know what we need!). Their project management skills and ‘can do’ approach have made it a pleasure to work with them, and I would not hesitate to recommend to other organisations.

e-Learning Operations Manager, QA

Doodle-Video were a joy to work with, understanding what we wanted to achieve from the start, while bringing it all to life and meeting tough deadlines along the way. We’re looking forward to working again with them soon.

European Bank for Reconstruction & Development

I have worked with the Doodle Video Team twice now and both experiences were great. The first was to produce a fun, Xmas video and the project ran perfectly to time and gave us a great, fun company video. This time we upped the ante, as we asked them to create a promotional video for a new product launch, so commercially a lot more important than the Xmas video. After just 1 tcon and a few emails they ‘got’ what we wanted and created a masterpiece. We are all delighted at Excel!! I can’t recommend Doodle Video highly enough.

Marketing Director, Excel Communications

The best internal comms video I have seen in a very long time, from any organisation I have worked for. I am not someone who retains a lot of information easily but this video delivers the messages in a clear, simple and memorable way.


I’m really impressed with the Doodle Video team. They’re a pleasure to work with, have simple processes in place and produce good quality work, quickly – and at a good price. Whenever we have the need for another video of this type, they’ll be the first people I call.


I worked with Doodle Video to produce a series of informational videos on cybersecurity. Their responsiveness, flexibility and quality of output are exceptional and I cannot recommend Doodle highly enough.

President and CEO, National Automation Inc

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Creating a cool video has never been so easy …. or so much fun!

The Process ……

Step 1 - Ideas Time!

The first step in making your Doodle Video is to decide what message you want to get across.

Step 2 - The Script

Once you’re clear about your message, our copywriters will work on creating the perfect script

Step 3 – Storyboard

With the script agreed, our super talented illustrators start creating the images for your video. This part is always good fun!

Step 4 – Voiceover

Storyboard approved, you get to choose which of our voice artists you’d like to record your script.

Step 5 – Final images

And finally……the Doodles! Time to take the approved storyboard images and create the fabulous colour cartoons that will bring your video to life.

Step 6 – Video Production

Last, but not at all least, is where every fantastic element comes together! Weaving the illustrations, voice-over, music, and brilliant animations to create a masterpiece you can proudly show to the world.

You’re just a click away from the start of the coolest Whiteboard Video ever….Yours!

Meet The Team!

Here are our very talented illustrators, hardworking editors and copywriters as well as the beautifully spoken voiceover artists. Plus, what is a workforce without a few adorable dogs…